Each font tells a story, it's what's fascinating

There are Cloutierfontes
product for everyone

CloutierFontes was founded in 2010 by
Steve Cloutier. At the beginning we had only
5 fonts illegible. Now we have more than
200 different styles.


Our fonts are very artistic font script like,
floral, grunge and others. Today, we are still improving our products to offer a better quality. For sure we have a font for you !



Since our childhood, we are passionate about
all that is artistic, among others typography.
We are proud to share our passion and our
products, we hope inspire you in your creations. Enjoy your visit to our website.


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Coming soon

In the coming days, will be available a new Asian style font. Font that I made in honor of the last emperors of this world who ruled with benevolence and also with cruelty.