“They did not know it was impossible so they did it”

- Mark Twain


Can I use any Cloutier Fonts for logos or for commercial user ?

Certainly! You may use our fonts in posters, advertisements, logos, etc..


The fonts can be used in video games for computers or mobile and eBook.


Not allowed:

- No reselling of the font as a font software.


License (small compagnies)

The license is valid for 1-5 work stations. Need more than 5 licenses, just contact us at:


License (Medium and large company - over 5 workstations)

Contact us at:


What format are CloutierFontes

Formats available are .otf (OpenType) and .ttf (TrueType) or Web (.eot, .svg, .ttf., .woff) depending on the purchased font.


Available font types are indicated on the font page before purchasing.


Can I redistribute items I've purchased ?

No, items purchased are for your use only. You may not include the original purchased items (or source files) in any distributed end products.


Do Cloutier Fonts contain a full alphabet, with punctuation
marks and numbers ?

Not all fonts have all glyphs available and are indicated on the font page with a small preview of the available glyphs. If you want a glyphs for a specific and it is unavailable contact ma and I will be happy to add them for you (small fee may be charged).


How do I receive my fonts

Most fonts are downloaded to buy. For those who are not downloadable to purchase, the font will be sent straight to the inbox attached to your Paypal account within 24 hours.


I didn’t receive my fonts, now what ?

If you didn’t receive your fonts after the 24 hour delay, check you spam. If the fonts are not there simply send me an email to and I will resend the fonts you purchased.


Can I convert any of these fonts to a different format, or use them
as a web font ?

Sorry, it is against the terms of service to edit or rename the fonts to be used as a web font or resold. Feel free to read our terms of service for complete details.


If you still have questions feel free to email me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible!